Our Philosophy

“Arizona’s Original Farm-To-Table Dining Experience”

Dining at Quiessence is unlike any other experience in Arizona. As you walk up to the original farmhouse on the property, you see the lush and vibrant Soil & Seed Garden, where the freshest ingredients for your evening’s dishes have been sourced. Chef Dustin Christofolo determines each element planted in the garden to perfect his refined, rustic menus that change with each harvest. The flavors of the Arizona terroir shine through each dish with the unique layering of flavors and exceptional uses of the local ingredients.

With the delicious vegetables, herbs and edible flowers from our on-site garden, over 60 fruit trees, eggs from our chicken coop, fresh breads from our Le Panyol oven, and meats and cheeses from other local farmers and purveyors, guests experience the freshest ingredients possible when dining at Quiessence.

A truly authentic farm-to-table experience.